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autres_directionsdepth affect - mesquin ep (January 30, 2004)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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"depth affect is a project which was launched about two years and a half ago. our way of proceeding isn't original, it simply consists in exploring the different aspects of electronic hip hop music. the tracks on the "mesquin ep" come from a sixteen tracks demo entitled "mesquin eye". the distribution of these tracks on the web gave us the opportunity to avoid any kind of venal processes and to broadcast our titles on a relatively important scale." depth affect [depthaffect@voila.fr]

This audio is part of the collection: Autres Directions In Music
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

Artist/Composer: autres_directions
Date: 2004-01-30 00:00:00
Source: http://www.autresdirections.net/inmusic/
Label / Recorded by: autres_directions
Keywords: Electronic Hip-Hop

Creative Commons license: Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial


moulinette001 / to burn on a cdr3"
moulin003 / to burn on a cdr5" with or without the video file
all artwork by david bideau


Auch der dritte Release von Autres Directions ist sehr gut gelungen, das gleich mal vorneweg. Depth Affect, die schon Melodium geremixt haben auf dem ersten Releases dieses Netlabels, finden HipHop irgendwie gut, basteln gerne so Beats, lassen die Wortfetzen ordentlich ruckeln und mixen das mit purer Elektronika-Melodie-Verliebtheit. Melodium revanchiert sich dann auch noch mit einem Remix (jetzt sind sie wieder quit, wir werden sehen, wo das endet wird, naja), schiebt das hochfrequente französische Signal der digitalen Krabbenfischer ganz in den Vordergrund, pfeift auf HipHop und setzt auf Indierock. So läuft das in Frankreich. Gefällt. Und das mit dem HipHop, das nehmt ihr nicht zu ernst, gell?

Depth Affect est un jeune duo français qui avait réalisé un remix d'un titre de Melodium sur la première sortie de Autres Directions In Music. Formé il y a un peu plus de deux ans, ils ont réalisé une démo dont sont extraits les trois titres ici présents. En complément Mélodium leur rend la pareille en réalisant un remix, et un vidéo clip permet de completer cette galette virtuelle.
Ce Mesquin EP est à peu près le maxi parfait tellement l'ensemble de ces morceaux est de haute volée. Rien de très original, et les auteurs le reconnaissent, mais quand même, ce mélange d'electronica mélodique et de hip-hop est rarement abordé de la sorte. On pense un peu à Funkstorung avec le premier morceau, mais ici les genres fusionnent réellement. La rythmique est lourde, crade, et laisse effectivement apparaitre des influences hip-hop, mais c'est l'utilisation des voix, parfaitement intégrées à la musique, qui rend le mélange si réussi.
Au point de vu mélodique, rien à redire, c'est riche, efficace, et ca déborde même de douceur sur Dialect. Plusieurs mélodies se superposent créant un son ample, une profondeur rare entre des sonorités cristallines et des basses ronronnantes. On a ici l'impression que Depth Affect est quand même amateur de "gros son", mais la finesse de leurs mélodies les rend attendrissants.
On sera un peu moins convaincu par Not Forgotten, plus classique dans le genre electronica mélodique, ses arpèges kraftwerkiennes, et ici une influence hip-hop beaucoup plus discrète, mais on se rattrappera avec le sympathique vidéo clip alternant macro plans abstraits et images de home studio. Pour finir Mélodium reprend le premier titre avec une intro calme puis un démarrage en trombe qui surprend un peu. Il garde l'aspect brut, les sonorités crades de la version originale alors qu'on appréciait particulièrement la finesse de ses productions. Ce Vertigo Remix reste de bonne facture mais on aurait aimé une version un peu plus personnelle, plus éloignée de l'originale.
Il est peut-être plus facile de faire bien sur une courte durée, mais ce Mesquin EP est tout de même une petite merveille, et assurément notre production préférée à ce jour du jeune mais productif net-label A.D.I.M..
Fabrice Allard

Okay this is the third release, or at least the third release that we are aware of, for the Nantes based internet label Autres Directions in Music, the previous releases in case you were wondering being a pair of wonderful albums from former Static Caravan stars Melodium and Dudley, reviews of which will be forthcoming shortly. All releases are downloadable gratis from the site or they can, for a very small fee, save you the job and do it for you, and lets face it you cant argue with that, almost like owning a gift horse let alone looking it in the eye.
Depth Affect the subject artists of the third release are French duo Remy Charrier and David Bideau and this delightful four track EP is their debut release having previously graced the electronic world with their remix of Melodiums Terminus. Depth Affects approach to this ever evolving genre is to wrap electronic elements around hip hop beats, that may sound disturbing on paper, agreed, but it works perfectly as these quartet of cuts bear testament to. Opening with the dreaming collage Mesquin Eye a lullaby-esque feast of twinkling celestial symphonies dusted and gently prized by bustling beats, initially shuffling icily with ISAN appeal it soon manoeuvres elegantly with verve into Yello territories, shimmeringly sweet. Dialect provides a more tarnished edge to the equation; still belying nimble milky electronics, though this time forceful beats and the inclusion of rapping vocals take centre stage to instil a muscular presence to the proceedings. Not Forgotten which is included on the CD in its audio and video form toys gently with an Arthur Baker / New Order vibe as though done by Boards of Canada being helped out by Plaid while the parting shot Mesquin Eye as remixed by Vertigo imparts a superbly sheened take on KLFs Last train to Transcentral and imagines both Aphex Twin and Jean Michel Jarre in a studio face off. Certainly worth investigating.
mark barton

All the songs released and the artwork can be downloaded for free at www.autresdirections.net/inmusic and youd better, because the mix of hip hop and electronica by Depth Affect is something to behold. It has been said, that French musicians arent able to truly "rock out", but always remain a little calm and reserved. Well, in this case it is a good thing, because it gives you four tracks of calm but heavily grooving electronica. Little to no vocals, only the raw and direct musical scores, which flow with grace as well as stamp the ground in time to the beats. Once again the internet proves to be the best tool to get to interesting stuff. This little gem was released on the French netlabel "autres directions in music", which first and all makes me think about the meaning of "released" and that it is actually quite good to have a label act as a selector in our times of democratised and completely autonomous production of music, i.e. more or less anybody can produce a mp3 with their own music and put it on the internet. (Which is also a good thing. I still love the DIY-idea.) It will be interesting to see, what the future has in store for us, in regard to music production and distribution. Id prefer a time in which millions of small labels put their music on the web to be downloaded for free, because itll take the business out of the music. Which doesnt mean that producing music can only be a hobby anymore. A little over a hundred years ago, there was no means to store music and there nevertheless were a lot of professional musicians. To be one, will mean that youll have to play shows to people. There will still be stars and hypes and fashion-trends, but these will only grow by the democratic choice of the people and mouth-to-mouth-propaganda about websites and netlabels that these artists come from. Or at least, that is my daydream of how the world should be. Maybe in the aftermath of 9/11 and the souped up dangers of free communication (terrorists could use the internet!) things will change enormously and there will be no more free access to the internet. Soon enough some governments, lead by the US-ministry of home defence, will find that only global corporations (i.e. US-corporations) can guarantee the freedom and peacefulness of the internet by closing it down from private use. But I am getting into a whole different story here. This one is about Depth Affect, who are a French electronic hip hop duo, which sounds as interesting as it seems. Remy Charrier and David Bideau mix heavy beats with all sorts of electronic trickery and good old synthesizers to produce freely flowing hip hop tracks with lots of keys and atmospheres and little vocals. Every track is filled with little noises and sparkling crackles that sound like digital firelights, but also intricate beats. The second of four tracks on this EP, "dialect", is the one closest to hip hop, due to the rapped vocals or the looped vocals, and therefore closest to abstract hip hop reformers, such as Prefuse 73. The third track, "not forgotten" sounds like a mix of Massive Attack (the big flowing planes of keyboards), Aphex Twin (the a rhythmical breaks in the beats) and The Fall (the spouted vocals mixed into the background) and judging from that, youll see there is a lot of different things coming together in one track. The important thing is, though, that the mix sounds good. "mesquin eye", the opening track, is somewhere in the middle of these two and the EP closes with a remixed version of that track as well, which adds a lot of echoes and spheres and holes to hide in. Melodium, the remixer, is also responsible for the first release on autres directions in music. There is also a video to "not forgotten" available on the net as well as a link to the band, which will sell you their first demo - "mesquin eye" (16 tracks) - of which four tracks are taken off for this release. Hm, that answers the question of the beginning a little, I guess. There are still more ways open for artists to earn money over the internet, if at first they are able to convince you about their qualities. Also the label itself will send you their releases for 5 Euros ppd., if you dont want to download, burn, print and cut the cover yourself, and so on. I can live with that. Some capitalism is still necessary and the future will tell us how things work out anyway. In the meantime, check the web at www.autresdirections.net. Why four tracks? Well, these will fit onto a 3"-CD easily (if you want to include the video, youll need a 5"-CD, but you can do an autres directions-compilation as well, if you are already on it.) There are never any easy answers.

Autres Directions is a CDR label based in Nantes, France. Their releases are put out in limited quantities and then offered freely, complete with artwork, on their website (www.autresdirections.net/inmusic). The labels focus has so far been closest aligned to a melodious indietronica, infused with DSP and chopped samples. Although unmastered a lot of the tracks available are of excellent quality.This is the labels third release and is a three track EP of low key indietronica crossed with elements of fractured hip hop from two twenty year old producers. The opening and title track Mesquin Eye is the pick of the trio and also gets the remix treatment from Melodium. Melodiums debut EP on Autres Directions was the labels first release and along with this is well worth downloading.
Sebastian Chan

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Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - November 7, 2012
Subject: depth affect - mesquin ep
I am not a big Hip-Hop fan but I can't deny that this ep by autres_directions is really good.

Reviewer: rithmus - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - October 6, 2008
Subject: six stars
I love your track "Mesquin Eye", is so fucking great!


Reviewer: tangerinebreem - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - October 21, 2007
Subject: good stuff
Fantastic stuff - high class


Reviewer: onlynow - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - June 1, 2007
Subject: shit is the bomb
mesquin eye blew my mind. thank you.

Reviewer: dfracheb - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - April 29, 2006
Subject: le clip
J'adore ce genre de bricolage, et la sensibilité du montage!

Reviewer: moeron782 - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - September 9, 2004
Subject: Woah
shit is the ruckus